Communication? What’s that?

Hello, friends! So this morning turned out to be quite dramatic for lack of a better word. You would think that staff who work for a telecommunications company would know a thing or two about communication.

Yes and no. Although I wouldn’t say this company is bad at it as there are plenty of communicators that are a lot worse. However when you are still testing a tool before inflicting it on the masses only to find that one of your own management team may have slipped up releasing comms prematurely, you can’t do anything other than see the funny side and watch people play the blame game.

I did learn from this experience though. Now I know that when your department is instructed not to talk about something, that may or may not include management… lol.

About Darkside Creative

I am a writer/gamer/pop culture fan. I am a qualified freelance journalist who now works in the tech industry. I play SWTOR regularly on the Harbinger server. I sometimes write star wars fan fiction, movie reviews and when I'm not blogging I can be found working as a Technical Support Engineer for a large Telecommunications company.
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