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I am a writer/gamer/pop culture fan. I am a qualified freelance journalist who now works in the tech industry. I play SWTOR regularly on the Harbinger server. I sometimes write star wars fan fiction, movie reviews and when I'm not blogging I can be found working as a Technical Support Engineer for a large Telecommunications company.

Sometimes, I hate technology

Sometimes, technology sucks. In the last day or so I’ve been unable to use Pinterest because I can no longer “pin” images. I have made zero changes to my browser or my computer and suddenly it just decides to stop … Continue reading

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Communication? What’s that?

Hello, friends! So this morning turned out to be quite dramatic for lack of a better word. You would think that staff who work for a telecommunications company would know a thing or two about communication.

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Security Check: Copyfish for Chrome

Hello, friends. Just a couple of things today to share with you all. The first relates to WordPress itself. In particular, the new post editor that is currently in beta. Has anyone tried it yet? I’m using it right now … Continue reading

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