Proactive customers? The best kind.

This is a quick note just to say a customer actually called our tech support agents to tell them that the password she was allocated wasn’t secure enough! If every customer was like this, the world would be a much more secure place. 

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A moment of silence please…

I wanted to take a moment of your time to commiserate the loss of something very special. MS Paint… we will miss you.

Sincerely, The World

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Please read before you call

Me: Hi there 

Agent: Um hi. I need help

Me: Ooook could you be a bit more specific maybe? 

Agent: How can I change this user’s password? 

Me: What password do they need to change? 

Agent: Um…. be right back

Me: …

Agent: Ok I think it’s their login password for their account

Me: You think? Did you ask the customer? 

Agent: Ohhhh do you think it’s the option that says “change login password?”

Me: …

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